Patients who are non Medicare card holders

Type of ConsultFees
Level A  (Short: < 5 mins )$45
Level B  (Standard:  5- 20 mins)$80
Level C  (Long : 20 – 40 mins)$125
Level D  ( Prolonged : > 40 mins)$165


Out of pocket Procedural Equipment fees

Implanon Insertion$50
Implanon Removal$50
Wound Repairs (e.g Suturing)$25
Dressing ChangeSimple $10, Complex $30
Skin Biopsy/ExcisionCharges Vary

(Privately billed non-Medicare items)

Medical Assessment & Report

  • Commercial Driving License
  • (Pre)Employment
  • Insurance
Standard (< 20 mins)$ 110 + GST
Long  (> 20 mins)

Fees will depend on the length and complexity of the medical assessment.

Minimum $180+GST

It is best to mention that Dr David Yu privately bills new patients at the clinic, unless they are 14 years or younger, hold Health Care Cards/Pensioner Cards/Senior Health Care Cards, or are of Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.

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